❤ [1301] Widescreen Desktop Wallpapers: Hello January!

Moustache 2013
Designed by Lissa Sleeckx from Belgium.
Designed by Tetyana Kovyrina from Canada.

Mario January
“One day I was playing Super Mario Brothers on an old Super Nintendo and the idea of creating a Mario-themed calendar came to my mind. I hope you like the end result! (If you have a lower resolution than Full HD, I recommend using the 1920 wide version still, and let your OS do the resizing to fit your desktop.).” Designed by Roland Szabo from Hungary.
Happiness In Winter
“Wishing everyone a SMASHING year 2013!” Designed by Mancar from Turkey.
Cozy January
“January is a very cold month and when outside it’s too cold, we love to stay at home in a cozy home!” Designed by Fabrizio Venanzi from United Kindgdom.
Calls For A Bottle
“”This calls for a bottle of Israel’s finest!” -Friends sit-com quote. There is always a reason to celebrate! Designed by Sarah Tanner.” Designed by Sarah Tanner from USA.
Blue Neon Sign
Designed by Jong S. Kim from USA.
What’s On Your Mind?
“Sometimes it seems that girls are from another planet. I just can’t figure out, whats going on in their heads…” Designed by Kristjan Ait from Estonia.
Delicate Frost
“Don’t let Jack Frost nip too much at your nose but do let him decorate your windows!” Designed by Tirelessweaver from Canada.
Carry Warmth Carry Each Other
Designed by Marika Smirnova From “oblako Studio” from Russia.
Back To Go To Work
Designed by Forsaken from France.
“Photo taken at a friend’s house with one of her toys and my glass of rose wine. It’s perfect for a cold winter day, warmth for the soul and body.” Designed by Diana Samoila from Romania.


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