❤ Widescreen Wallpapers: 2013 Happy New Year!

 Widescreen wallapers featuring 2013 happy new year theme.
Wish you a happy and blessing new year!!


❤ Iphone 4/4s/5 Wallpapers: Cartoon Owls

Free Iphone Wallpapers
Theme:Cartoon Owls
(Designed for iphone4/4s, but works fine on iphone 5. Enjoy!)


❤ Iphone 5 Wallpapers HD: Santa Clause

Iphone 5 wallpapers HD


❤ Widescreen Wallpapers: Christmas Theme 1440x900 [1212]

“Happy Holidays!” Designed by Zgm from Canada.

Designed by Ljubinka Fuzinato from Bosnia and Herzegovina.


❤ Widescreen Wallapers: Christmas Is Coming

Christmas is at the corner. Dress your desktop up with these beautiful wallpapers!!


❤ Mini Icons: Famous Cartoon Characters

Clapping and hands up!! How many of them do you recognize? :-)





Use these cute dividing lines to decorate your blogs and websites!





❤ Cartoon Thanksgiving Wallpapers for Iphone4/4s

       Thanksgiving theme wallpapers for iphone4/iphone4s.
Click on the picture to get the original size. Save the pictures to your computer and then sync with your iphone or simply visit picfish.blogspot.com using your iphone's browser and long tap to save the pictures.


❤ Gadgets:Canon CP900 Selphy Dye Sub Photo Printer Reviews (Xmas Gift Idea)

My Canon SELPHY CP900 review...Ohh check out this little gizmo

Like many of you, I too want to print pictures instead of going to the store to wait for them. Sometimes the wait is worth it, sometimes...it is not, and if it is not, you are probably doing what most do..skim tirelessly through the photos and picking out all the imperfect ones. If the photo tech did a good job, then there shouldn't be many, otherwise you will probably get some comment like, "it's the lighting or some other proverbial comment that generally satisfies you. Recently, I bought an all-in-one ink jet printer. It is bulky, but looks pretty with all its lights and buttons. I tried my hand at printing a simple picture from one of my vacation trips, and overall, the quality of the picture was ok. I mean, you could tell that it was printed off a printer. 


❤ Fashion Tips: Over 40 Fresh Ways to Tie A Scarf

Every woman should have at least one scarf in her wardrobe. It's such a versatile accessory that can add style and fun to your outfit. Not sure how to wear a scarf like a fashionista? Check out the demos  below to spark an idea.



❤ Crayon Effect Cartoon Pictures

teddy bear


❤ Mini Pixel Icons Vol.2

Here comes the second volume of mini icons. Add then to your blog posts to increase the fun!