❤ Widescreen Wallpapers: Christmas Theme 1440x900 [1212]

“Happy Holidays!” Designed by Zgm from Canada.

Designed by Ljubinka Fuzinato from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Kemono Ninja

“Kemono Ninja is the title of our new game and the kemonos are the characters of our game, we are launching soon and here you can see the kemonos been ready for the next Christmas Day.” Designed by Hector J. Sanz, Virtualmind from Spain.

Merry Christmas

“Christmas greetings from Santa and his reindeer.” Designed by Eddie Wong from Ireland.


Designed by Katerina Bobkova  from Ukraine.

Santa Claus Is Coming…

“Santa Claus is coming with lots of happiness and blessings for you and wish you Merry Christmas!” Designed by Debobrata Debnath from India.

Merry Christmas

“Christmas greetings from Santa and his reindeer.” Designed by Eddie Wong from Ireland.

White Playground

Designed by Kate Jones from Brighton, UK.

Happy Holidays

“It’s that time of the year, when we forget our tears, rejoice, love and cheer!” Designed by Webinnova from India.

Frosty Globe

Designed by Adrian Limbasan from Romania.

Ready For Christmas

“Frederique is a satiric webcomic series about the day-to-day adventures of three friends: going to school, getting rejected by hot chicks and enjoying life with full blown optimism.” Designed by Richard Dancsi from Hungary/Germany.

Christmas Snake Surprise

Designed by Cheloveche from Russia.

Fire Potion

“Fire Potion for sweet kisses and warm hugs.” Designed by Lin Chervenkova from United Kingdom.

Happy Holidays

“The wondrous Christmas celebrations and the immense genuine excitement fulfill our souls every single year, as soon as December begins. The magic spirit, brought up by the holiday can’t ever be compared to anything, likewise as the expectations for presents from Santa can’t ever be beaten with any other possible presents.” Designed by Maria S. from USA.

Best Friends

“Best friends posing for a photo.” Designed by Nenad S. Lazich from Serbia.


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