❤ Widescreen Wallpapers [1211]

Calaca. The Day Of The Dead.

“This illustration was created to celebrate the dawn of one Calaca, in the Day of the Dead (El dia de muertos) this year this year that the world ends, as some say.” Designed by Celsius Pictor from Spain.

Autumn Choir

Designed by Hatchers from Ukraine / China.

Days Go By

“Days go by so slowly in Autumn.” Designed by Mirjana Bajic from Serbia.

Fall Harvest

“For this month, the Fall Harvest theme is done using a scan of my original oil painting.” Designed byBeth Jenna from USA.

First Icicles Of The Coming Winter

Designed by Aleksandra Sivoronova from Latvia.


Designed by Forsaken from France.

My Sweet Home

Designed by Paarva Creations from India.

Perfect Desktop

“Because a perfect desktop is an orderly desktop!” Designed by Elise Vanoorbeek from Belgium.

Rainy Days

“I love penguins!” Designed by Vihra Petrova from Bulgaria.

Smoke Kills

Designed by Cheloveche.ru from Russia.

Through The Looking Glass

Designed by Andrei Terbea from Romania.

Abstract Peacock Wallpaper

Designed by Faria Malik from United Arab Emirates.