❤ Widescreen Wallpapers[1207]

July, 2012 Widescreen Wallpapers    Solution: 1400x900

Blind Duck  "Would you let a blind duck lead you through July?" Designed by Yellow Duck Web Design from Essex, UK.

Cool summer. "Even tough it is not summer in my country, I made a summer theme. A coolest approach to summer themes, tough, very fresh and “twilighty”." Designed by Marcos Sandrini from Brazil.

Floral Thing "Wallpaper which I created consists of my personal sketches of Polish herbs and flowers and custom typography. I wanted it to be light and simple with a hint of romantic feeling. I hope you’ll enjoy it!" Designed by Beata Kurek from Poland.

Frisko  Designed by Leen Van Severen from Belgium.

Message In A Bottle Designed by Pietje Precies from The Netherlands.

Summer Essentials  "A few essential items for the summertime weather at the beach, park, and everywhere in-between." Designed by Zach Vandehey from USA.

Sweet Summertime In July  Designed by Anna Downer from USA.

Up In The Clouds  Designed by Ioana Bitin (yoot) from Romania.

Sun In July "…enjoy the sun in July!" Designed by Marco Palma from Italy/Germany.

World Chocolate Day Designed by Cheloveche.ru from Russia.

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